a bit emo but ok, awesome, OiNK's Pink Palace[2011.01.06]♥ You know OiNK's Pink Palace influenced your life if you bump into a familiar nickname in the strangest place and even remember his avatar & musical taste.
ambient, calm, wonderful[2011.01.06]Phillip Wilkerson - Collected Works
awesome, dubstep, electronic, i dont like dubstep, but this mix is amazing, mixset[2011.01.06]erwtenpeller - Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds; a dubstep refit
ambient, calm, silent[2010.09.16]sarana Live at Harakka on 2010-08-01
deep, electronic, minimal, techno, trance[2010.07.17]Alic - Evil Fairy EP
capitalism, music mafia, p2p is killing music[2010.07.17]RIAA Accounting: Why Even Major Label Musicians Rarely Make Money From Album Sales
dance, goa, pop, psychedelic, trance, uplifting[2010.05.04]Northward Direction Vol 2 (Multiplex Records)
argh[2010.04.01]I really HATE bandcamp and their stupid e-mail requirement. It's cancer to free music.
ambient, calm, space, sun, warm[2010.03.20]Stellardrone - On A Beam Of Light
ambient, calm, deep, wonderful[2010.03.13]Mooma - Herd Forming
ambient, chillout, psychedelic[2010.02.19]Seamoon - A Twisted Downbeat Adventure
chillout, dub, mixset, psychedelic[2010.02.06]Ti's Pitch Black megamix
dub, electronic, uplifting[2010.02.02]DUBSYNATICX - Powerful Water (2005)
copyright, IFPI, music mafia, OiNK's Pink Palace, what a wonderful day[2010.01.19]On 15 January 2010, Alan Ellis was unanimously declared not guilty.
deep, dub[2010.01.19]Liquid Stranger - Deep Down Below
ambient, calm, warm, wonderful[2010.01.11]Phillip Wilkerson - Daybook
ambient, calm, dark, thanks lun[2010.01.11]Carl Sagan’s Ghost – At the End of it All
argh, saw it coming...[2010.01.08]... All staff has been fired from Jamendo
capitalism, copyright, music mafia[2010.01.01]What Could Have Been Entering the Public Domain on January 1, 2010?
karma is a bitch, eh?, music mafia[2009.12.07]CRIA sued for billions
ambient, chillout, electronic, relaxing, trance[2009.11.24]posthuman - landing request
a bit melancholic but hey, it's autumn..., downtempo, hiphop, triphop[2009.11.12]Degiheugi - The Broken Symphony Lp.03
ambient, chillout, music, relaxing, submarine, water, wonderful[2009.10.24]Aqual(o)unge 4
ambient, deep, relaxing[2009.10.20]Various Artists - The Hundredth Mantra (2009)
[2009.10.03]How Spotify is contributing to the Loudness Wars
click on the link next to "torrent", german free music sampler I helped pick the music for[2009.10.02]Free! Music! Sampler
music mafia[2009.09.26]Dan Bull - Dear Lily [an open letter to Lily Allen]
chillout, dub, relaxing[2009.09.04]tor.ma in dub - in the chamber
a bit emo but ok, awesome, fun, many different styles, pop, post-rock?, rock[2009.08.02]Intercontinental Music Lab - Superheroes Of The Sea
anonymous p2p, works very well[2009.08.02]I2P 0.7.6 - Anonymous Internet with Bittorrent etc.
great usenet provider, i use them for several years, promo[2009.07.26]!!! Low summer prices at usenet-news.net
drum'n'bass, electronic, games, soundtrack[2009.07.26]CoLD SToRAGE: Various game soundtracks (Wipeout 2097 tracks and more)
chiptunes, electronic, music, the noisy kind :([2009.07.18]The Prodigy - Emulator Punks!! (fanmade chiptunes)
ambient, chillout, music, psychedelic[2009.07.15]10€ per album Summer Sale at Ultimae
german, hiphop[2009.07.12]TAPETE - Die Ewigkeit des Vergänglichen
dystopia, not really free, soundtrack[2009.07.11]Hardware Soundtrack
IFPI, presents today's evening comedy[2009.07.07]... If this was a major site, then what is not?
ambient, chillout, deep, space[2009.07.07]sion - Sion Ambients
byebye pagerank, bye wordpress[2009.07.06]I made a single-page archive of the old posts.
ambient, dark, deep, relaxing[2009.07.06]Doc - Sphinx
chillout, dub, psychedelic[2009.07.04]Ott Live at Gnomelandia
urgh[2009.06.26]... I cannot figure how to create an Atom feed with this (Thingamablog), dammit. :(
ambient, chillout, ethnic, goa, psychedelic, trance[2009.06.26]The Future Of Light
dance, drum'n'bass, pop[2009.06.24]Fleshdiet - Fruity Flesh
byebye pagerank, bye wordpress, urgh[2009.06.24]:) Changed backend, archive will be up soon. Everything but the homepage is broken