[2011.01.06]erwtenpeller - Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds; a dubstep refitawesome, dubstep, electronic, i dont like dubstep, but this mix is amazing, mixset
[2010.07.17]Alic - Evil Fairy EPdeep, electronic, minimal, techno, trance
[2010.02.02]DUBSYNATICX - Powerful Water (2005)dub, electronic, uplifting
[2009.11.24]posthuman - landing requestambient, chillout, electronic, relaxing, trance
[2009.07.26]CoLD SToRAGE: Various game soundtracks (Wipeout 2097 tracks and more)drum'n'bass, electronic, games, soundtrack
[2009.07.18]The Prodigy - Emulator Punks!! (fanmade chiptunes)chiptunes, electronic, music, the noisy kind :(